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Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Games Set

Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Games Set

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Add some fun entertainment to your vintage airplane baby shower with our Vintage Airplane Baby Shower Games Set. Each INSTANT DOWNLOAD game set includes 9 different airplane themed baby shower games and activities for your guests to enjoy. The games feature an originally illustrated vintage airplane, blue sky and puffy white clouds.    

Games include:

1. Baby Shower Bingo - A fun activity for guests to play when mommy-to-be is opening gifts. This set comes with one BLANK bingo game card. After looking at the presents, have guests fill in gift ideas in each blank. While the gifts are opened, guests mark the ones they wrote down. The first guest with five in a row wins a special prize.

2. ABCs Baby Game - Guests fill in each space with a baby item that matches that letter. The first person to complete the list (or the most items on the list), wins the game.

3. Advice for Mommy to Be - Create a sweet keepsake for the mommy-to-be by asking guests to fill out advice cards. These can be given to mommy to read afterwards or shared out during the shower. An 8" x 10" matching sign is also included.

4. Baby Word Scramble - Can your guests figure out these baby words? Have guests try to unscramble these baby essentials. Set a timer to make the game even more challenging. The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins. An answer key is included for easy solving.

5. Baby Shower Guess the Price- This fun baby shower game sees how much guests know about raising a baby today. Each game card includes a list of 10 baby essential items. Guests will guess how much they think each item is worth. To play, we recommend assembling the items on a table. You can even give the items to mommy-to-be as a gift after the shower is over. Use your receipt or research the cost of each item on the list to use as an answer key. The guest with the closest cost estimate of the items wins.

6. How Big is Mommy's Belly?- Guests measure out a piece of yarn the size they think Mommy-to-be's belly is. They wrap their piece of yarn around the card and put their name on it. The piece of yarn that is closest to the actual belly size wins a prize.

7. Baby Shower Look in Your Purse - It's always fun to go sneaking into someone else's purse. This classic baby shower game asks guests to look inside their purses and see what items they have on the list. Each item is worth a different number of points. After guests have finished digging, have them add up the number of points they got. The guest with the highest number of points wins a prize.

8.  Guess How Many Candies? - Invite guests to guess how many candies are in a bottle or jar with this fun candy guessing game. Guests can write down their guesses on the game cards. The closest guess wins the candy to take home.

9.  Predict Baby's Stats - Challenge guests to guess the stats of your new little bundle of joy. Guests can guess some of the important traits that baby-to-be will have - height, weight, eye color and birth date. We also included space to write one thing that the baby will have from Mom and Dad. 


This is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.  You will receive a PDF file with 14 pages of baby shower fun.

Baby games and signs are formatted on 8.5" x 11" pages for easy printing. Simply print the games you'd like to use on heavy white cardstock, cut and play.

Your digital download will be available after Checkout and a link will also be emailed to you.